Jurassic World: Meet Chris Pratt’s Raptor Squad!

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Remember that unforgettable moment in the most recent Jurassic World trailer that had Chris Pratt almost serving as a “Raptor Whisperer?”

We were thrilled on two levels with that scene.

First, Raptor Whisperer... I mean, come on? Having those killer beasts under control and able to follow orders is supremely awesome.

Given that we know that scientist Bryce Dallas Howard and her team have created a monstrous new dinosaur that is about to wreak some serious havoc on the uber-popular park that sees millions of visitors a year, those Raptors will come in handy going after that killer beast.

Secondly, the Raptors are back! That alone is enough to have us thrilled.

The studio recently released a fantastic set of photos that introduced us to the dinosaurs of Jurassic World, but our favorite vicious creatures were noticeably absent. 

Thank goodness Universal has released a new still featuring several of Pratt’s Raptor Squad, as we have decided to call them.

Watch Jurassic Park online to see how this entire wild world got started and get ready for Jurassic World to hit theaters June 12. 

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