Jurassic World: Making Some Dino DNA!

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Hot off the release earlier of those Jurassic World dinosaur photos that introduced us to all the species entertaining millions at the park, we’ve got a video look at how those extinct creatures were even made. 

As part of the continuing (and stellar) viral effort to promote Jurassic World, Universal has released this video that chronicles how they even make those dinosaurs in the first place. And yes, we see some T-Rex eggs and a slew of others!

Remember Mr. DNA from the first film?

Watch Jurassic Park online and refresh your memory because this lab is a functioning part of the park now. And it’s a highly successful park that has quickly become one of the world’s biggest tourist destinations.

So, something probably goes a little wrong or we wouldn’t have a movie starring Chris Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jake Johnson and Ty Simpkins!

Jurassic World lands in theaters June 12 and even brings back B.D. Wong as the scientist from the first film. Although he’s not in the above viral video, we know he’s working his dino DNA magic!

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