Pixels Teaser Trailer: Classic Video Games Invade Earth!

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Everyone keeps saying how they want originality out of the big movie studios and, in fact, it was one of our 7 ways to fix Hollywood. We think the idea of Pixels more than fits that mold.

The Sony release premiered a teaser for its first trailer which will debut on Tuesday, and although this first glance doesn’t tell us much, it does show enough to have us more than enticed. 

Pixels is the story of how aliens decide to invade earth, taking the form of classic '80s video games. That idea, apparently, came out of signals from earth that took years to reach them, and it made it seem that video game archetypes were our plans to attack them!

So, they struck first -- using those very video game characters against us.

If you think about it, enormous Donkey Kong characters, Pac-Man and Centipede attacking our major cities would be terrifying. We’re sure we’ll see more of those invaders in the trailer, but for now, it looks like we get a tease of Mario’s feet and Pac-Man’s shadow as people run maniacally in the streets of NYC.

How do we respond?

The president (Kevin James) enlists the help of the best video gamers from back in the day to orchestrate our response – and they’re played by Peter Dinklage, Adam Sandler and Josh Gad.

Pixels, which also stars Michelle Monaghan and Brian Cox, hits theaters July 24.

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