Entourage: Exploring “Friendship & Bonding” On the Set With Adrian Grenier

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As huge fans of the series Entourage, created by Doug Ellin, we could not have been more thrilled with the news that Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his boys would be hitting the big screen in an Entourage movie. So it was a great honor to head to the set of Entourage and not only see part of the film being shot, but also to get to chat with the entire cast and Ellin as well.

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For the next several days, we’ll be rolling out our chats with the stars of Entourage, and today we begin with the guy who leads the pack, Grenier.

As you can see from that Entourage trailer, Grenier’s Vincent Chase is starring and directing in a Jekyll & Hyde movie called Hyde and it’s not just our hero who has everything riding on this. Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold is now a studio executive and it was him who green lit this uber-expensive effort.

After we witnessed the boys shoot a scene on the Warner Bros. lot that gave us the chills -- all four of the guys (Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillon) riding in that iconic black convertible of theirs -- we first sat down with Grenier and got a little taste as to what to expect from the movie that hits June 3.

“It’s a joy man. It’s a real treat to be able to come back and get the gang back together. It’s like a big family reunion not only with the entourage but also with the whole crew. Many of the same faces for the past eight years are back and it’s just a lot of fun,” Grenier said.

One thing hasn’t changed for everyone involved making Entourage and that is the ease and laughter that arises from what happens when the Entourage crew gathers to make magic. “These guys are making me laugh right before each take that I could barely hold it together before they said action.”

So, where’s Vinnie right now in terms of where the show left him?

“Always climbing and always aspiring. That’s part of the joy of the show. We always managed to one up ourselves. We have to because the audience really demands a fantasy ride so everything has to be very heightened and we have to live vicariously through these guys who have the best lives in the world,” Grenier said.

Grenier reported that having worked the show for eight years, filming the Entourage movie has felt like a well oiled machine has just started up again.

“We’ve perfected the production over the years so it’s quite efficient. Everybody knows what they need to do to accomplish a day or a scene, so it doesn’t feel different in that,” he said. But given that this is a film, there’s a little more freedom to get things exactly how they want them. “Because of the budgets and the time constraints, we couldn’t get a lot of extra shots [on the show]. But now that we’re making the film we can take the time to expand and indulge the cinematic aspects of the show.”

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One thing fans can expect to be the same in the film that was a key element to the show is the core relationship between Vince and his lifelong friends. “The relationship between the guys just deepens and becomes more complex, but for me the focus is really about how do I bring the story arc of the film to life and really challenge Vince to have to overcome the obstacles,” Grenier said.

“So that’s different and that’s new, but at the fundamental core of this show it’s about the bonding of the guys and of friendship and that will never change.”

One thing that fans of the show adored was how it gave them a fly on the wall feeling to life as a Hollywood superstar. That surely continues with the Entourage movie.

“There’s some risqué stuff here certainly. We were making an adult show movie,” Grenier said and laughed. “I mean its Entourage. It’s for people who can handle the topic. It’s not for the faint of heart. The one thing that I’ve always loved about the show is people who you never would think would love the show are the biggest fans, so I have grandma’s coming up to me saying, ‘I love your show! It is so great! It’s the only time that I get to spend any quality time with my 12-year-old granddaughter.’ And you’re just like, ‘Okay first of all there are so many layers of inappropriate that I (expletive) love it!’ The show, despite all the language and the nudity and the sex and all of that, is about friendship and bonding and what really makes family community important.”

Before we let Grenier go, we have to ask about the cameos, something the show was known for (among many things!).

“Emily Ratajkowski (Gone Girl) is in the house. Russell Wilson was there, Mike Tyson dropped in and some of the old faces like Gary Busey and Bob Saget. It's chock full of cameos. There must be at some point an extras reel of just cameos. There’s just so many,” Grenier said.

“I think we set a record for most cameos in a film.”

Stay with Movie Fanatic as we roll out our Entourage set visit interviews with it Ferrera, Connolly, Piven, Dillon and Ellin in the coming week!

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