Jurassic World Poster: Bryce Dallas Howard Meets Her Creation

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Jurassic World is just one of the reasons we think summer movies 2015 will be the biggest and best summer movie season in history.

The park is open and as we start our adventure, it has been for years. The action picks up twenty-something years after the events of Jurassic Park and millions have come and enjoyed their time hanging with the dinosaurs without incident.

Well, that appears to be changing -- as you see from the Jurassic World trailer.

Scientist Bryce Dallas Howard has created a new dinosaur and according to her wrangler Chris Pratt, that was probably not a good idea. When this new dino starts killing off the other dinos on the island, well, those vacationers might just be next on the lunch menu.

Universal has released a new poster for the June 12 release, featuring Howard looking her creation in the face. Glad she has that protective glass between her and the hungry beast!

Pratt and Howard are joined in the cast in Colin Trevorrow’s film by Jake Johnson, Nick Robinson, Vincent D’Onofrio, BD Wong (from the original film!), Omar Sy and Judy Greer.

Watch Jurassic Park online to see how it all got started!

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