Jurassic World Trailer: It’s Not About Control

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The “global” Jurassic World trailer has premiered and Universal has saved the best for last. This is why we love trailers. It teases every little facet about the movie, yet really doesn’t give a single thing away!

We adore how it starts as Chris Pratt’s raptor wrangler explains to Bryce Dallas Howard how he is successful in “speaking” with the raptors. As he says, “It’s not about control. It’s about respect.”

That is something that clearly Howard does not have for the dinosaurs of her park, or she wouldn’t have created a beast that exists solely to hunt and kill every single living thing at Jurassic Park. And when it breaks free… that is exactly what it does.

Director Colin Trevorrow also gives us our first look at Vincent D’Onofrio’s security expert, who lets us know that there are no boats (to get off the island) and there are not nearly enough guns. Basically, everyone there is looking at a death sentence.

Guess those raptors might come in handy right about now, no? 

Jurassic World opens in 3D, 2D and in IMAX on June 12 and takes place 22 years after the events of what you see when you watch Jurassic Park online.

Howard, Pratt and D’Onofrio are joined in the cast by Ty Simpkins, BD Wong, Jake Johnson, Judy Greer and Omar Sy.

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