13 Best Pitch Perfect 2 Quotes: I’m the Hot One!

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Pitch Perfect 2 made more at the box office in its opening weekend than Pitch Perfect did during its entire theatrical run.

To say that audiences were aca-excited to see what happens next to their favorite singing group, the Barden Bellas, appears to be a gross understatement. There were 70 million reasons to be thrilled with the next chapter. 

One of the reasons for the lingering success of the first film was those heartwarming and timeless Pitch Perfect quotes. They reminded us how terrific it is when a movie brings women together towards a common goal instead of having them as competitors. 

Of course, one of the reasons Pitch Perfect 2 is so fantastic is the international competition that the Bellas must win in order to be reinstated into collegiate competition and that involves taking down the mighty German Das Sound Machine!

Time will show that the Pitch Perfect 2 quotes will be as popular as the first movie’s were and we’ve even narrowed down our 13 favorite.

Click through the slideshow below and discover what our 13 favorite Pitch Perfect 2 quotes are and then be sure to watch Pitch Perfect online as we’re sure you’ll be in the aca-mood to witness how this world got started!

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Pitch Perfect 2 Quotes

Your team is like a heated mess so what once was a little messy is now ever messier.


That's because they hate us. The whole world, the whole world hates us!

John Smith

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