London Has Fallen Posters: World Leaders Gather, So Have Their Enemies

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After the success of Olympus Has Fallen, one might wonder how a sequel could work.

Here's a great idea: Shift the action to London and instead of America being the only aim of an enemy’s ire, how about the collective of the world’s leaders and all of their enemies in one pot boiler of an explosive attack on freedom-loving peoples of the world?!

Focus Features has released a series of first posters from the sequel London Has Fallen and it shows the British capital under various states of attack. We’re partial to the Big Ben poster!

Aaron Eckhart is back as the President of the United States and he’s heading over to London with his favorite Secret Service agent (played again by Gerard Butler) to pay respects to the British Prime Minister who has just passed away. The world’s leaders are gathering to salute the departed when it seems like every one of their enemies decides that it is a good time to take out their frustrations on the elected leaders of the free world.

London Has Fallen also brings back Morgan Freeman, Melissa Leo and Angela Bassett, and welcomes Jackie Brown star Robert Forster to the mix.

Look for the sequel in theaters October 2. Until then, watch Olympus Has Fallen online.

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