Pitch Perfect 2: Rebel Wilson on Soaring Higher For Sequel

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One of the many things that charmed in the surprise hit Pitch Perfect was the comic and romantic sparks between Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine. The two are back “going at it” in Pitch Perfect 2, and when Wilson talked to Movie Fanatic, she marveled at her joy at re-teaming with her comedic soul mate.

Pitch Perfect 2 Rebel Wilson

“In the first movie, there was never any subplot that anything was going on between us. Of the large ensemble cast, we’re both writers and improvisers -- so we would always make up this little stuff between us and try to get it in the movie. That developed into (screenwriter) Kay Cannon writing the love story between us in the second movie,” Wilson said.

Wilson admitted that their make-out scene was all in an effort to score a certain trophy.

“A fun fact about that make-out scene -- my pants were a bit see-through. A lot of the rolling around on the ground had to be cut. We went for about seven minutes. We were going for an MTV Award for Best Kiss. It had to be majorly cut down because you could see my underwear through the see-through pants. Adam and I have had a long history of making out. Actually, I cameoed on Workaholics. In the very first scene, we made out and he felt me up. Really we’ve always had weird chemistry.”

As you can see in the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer, Wilson has to do an aerial sequence where she accidentally flashes the President of the United States. That is integral to the plot as the Bellas get banned from all competition and the only way for them to be reinstated is to win the international singing competition, which no U.S. team has ever done.

Although learning dance moves for the first film, and for Pitch Perfect 2, was a challenge, Wilson took her time hanging in the air quite seriously.

Pitch Perfect 2 Cast Photo Still

“It was very physically demanding. The first one we had a lot of high energy choreography, but this one was something else. For the aerial sequence in the beginning, I trained for five weeks with my coach, who’s been in a large number of Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. If I couldn’t do it, they couldn’t get a stunt double that’s my size who does it. It was either I do it, or it’s not the opening of the movie,” Wilson said.

“I’m afraid of heights and not that flexible. You have to bend your back in really strange ways and bend your butt for the one move after I did that death drop. It’s really tricky. To hold it for more than 45 seconds, you really have to train for it.”

Another scene that proved physically challenging was when she has to approach DeVine standing in a canoe while she sings Pat Benatar’s We Belong as she rows towards him. “I had to really hold my core. I didn’t want to fall in the water because it would take like two hours to reset hair and makeup,” Wilson admitted.

None of these challenges seem to even faze Wilson. Spending time with her, you can just tell that she exudes loads of confidence. She wasn’t always that way.

“I was very shy as a child, bordering on social disorder. I was very intellectual, but that didn’t make me the coolest. I really was the girl that would get red-faced. I thought, 'I gotta get over myself. I just need to punch myself a bit.' I started doing debating in high school. I would force myself to do it to get over my shyness. The good thing about being shy is you become observant. I think that’s really helpful as an actress -- copying people for comedic effect.”

Watch Pitch Perfect online and get ready for the big-time sequel to arrive May 15.

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