Point Break Trailer: Johnny Utah Goes to The Extremes

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The Point Break remake has unveiled its first trailer and the question of why remake the Kathryn Bigelow-directed classic could conceivably be answered in the two-minute-plus teaser.

Alcon Entertainment sought to bring back the '90s Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze-starring legend by expanding it from the world of surfing to include all sorts of extreme sports, which in this X-Games world are all the rage.  

Casting was key in that it’s hard to replace or even imagine anyone else other than Swayze being Bodhi and Reeves being Utah, but we have Luke Bracey attempting the role of Johnny Utah and the talented Edgar Ramirez doing his best Bodhi.

See, Bodhi is leading a crew of adrenaline-pushing and extreme sports-loving athletes that are suspected of engaging in a series of high profile crimes across the world. Utah must join the group and go undercover.

Watch Point Break online and see why the original was such a classic. 

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Point Break (2015) Trailer