Poltergeist Clip: They’re Coming!

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The Poltergeist remake is ready to spook a whole new generation when it lands in theaters May 22. This Movie Fanatic has fond memories of seeing the original Steven Spielberg film and being so scared that we needed to step out into the theater lobby just to catch our breath.

One of the most horrifying lines in the entire film was when little Carol Anne looked at the pixelated television screen and said, “They’re heeeeere!” Cue goosebumps and a few internal screams.

Fox and MGM have released a clip from their upcoming remake, and for starters, the little girl’s name has been changed to Mattie and you’ll notice that what she says after touching the TV screen is slightly different as well. 

Yup, “They’re here” is now “They’re coming!” We have to say, nicely done. And when we see it in the context of the entire movie, we suspect those goosebumps will return.

As you can see in the Poltergeist trailer, Rosemarie DeWitt and Sam Rockwell star as parents to a couple of young kids and it seems they have chosen the wrong house to move into -- it’s haunted and things will never be the same.

The pedigree on Poltergeist, circa 2015, is pretty darn special, with Sam Raimi and director Gil Kenan serving as the behind-the-scenes talent. Joining Rockwell and DeWitt in the cast is Jared Harris and Jane Adams. 

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