Shaun the Sheep Movie Trailer: Sheep and the City

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The people who brought us Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run are back with Shaun the Sheep Movie. Aardman Animation has debuted its latest Shaun the Sheep Movie trailer and it tells us more of the story of Shaun and his herd of sheep and how the desire to take a day off leads them on an adventure that is way more than they bargained for. 

Shaun turns off the alarm clock of the Farmer so that he and his flock could take it easy. That leads to a series of events that results in the Farmer winding up in the big city. If the flock is ever to get their home life back again, they’ll have to venture to Londontown and find their owner and help bring him back.

Shaun the Sheep Movie introduces two new Aardman Animation characters; our favorite has to be the animal control officer named Trumper who is quick with his rod of iron, and Slip, an orphan dog who helps Shaun find his way home.

Don’t miss Shaun the Sheep Movie in theaters August 7. In the meantime, watch Chicken Run online and witness Aardman's animated movie magic.

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