Would You Rather: Re-Watch the Original or Remake of Fright Night?

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It's the most wonderful time of the year. The time to watch horror movies. OK, we're writing this in October, but you could be reading it in December or February and that statement still stands!

Anytime is a great time for horror!

Jerry Dandridges

And with horror comes remakes. Everything is old again (sometimes more than once). Does the remake always, ever or never live up to the original? It depends. In the case of Fright Night, movie lovers got lucky. The remake just might have (gasp) surpassed the original. 

Where the lead, Charlie Brewster, was a womanizing nerd who didn't want to take no for an answer in the original, he was a cool virgin in the remake. His somewhat irritating comical best friend, Evil Ed, in the original went on to drive story in the remake (meaning he ain't around much), Peter Vincent went from a comforting, washed up television host turned friend to, well, David Tennant and Jerry Dandridge the vampire was equally distressing and sexy, although completely different, in both versions of the movie. 

That's a nutshell version, of course, but we're assuming if you're voting, you've seen 'em! As an 80s movie buff and Colin Farrell fan, it's a hard vote for me. I'll need to watch both back to back before casting. What about you? Are you ready to weigh in? Here's your chance!

Fright Night 1985 Poster
Fright Night 2011 Movie Poster

Fright Night: Would You Rather Re-Watch the Original or Remake?

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