Chazz Reinhold

Chazz Reinhold Picture

Chazz Reinhold is the original wedding crasher that taught Jeremy all he knew about crashing.  Chazz, though, has apparently moved on to bigger and sleazier things that crashing mere weddings.. now Chazz is a bonified funeral crasher.

Played By
Will Ferrell
Full Name
Chazz Reinhold

Chazz Reinhold Quotes

What is she doing back there? I never know what she's doing.

Chaz Reingold

Chazz Reinhold: So how's my protégé?
John Beckwith: Jeremy, believe it or not, is getting married!
Chazz Reinhold: What? What an idiot! What a loser! Good! Good! More for you and me.

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Wedding Crashers Quotes

I'm gonna go see Dr. Finklestein and I'm gonna tell him we have a whole new bag of issues. We can forget about mom for a while.

Jeremy Grey

John Beckwith: Seamus O'Toole.
Jeremy Grey: Bobby O'Shea.
John Beckwith: I'm ready to get drunk!