Cyclops, Jean Grey

Cyclops is one of the leaders of the X-Men team. Cyclops' mutant ability is that he produces a strong red beam from his eyes that he most focus using his ruby-quartz glasses. Cyclops' real name is Scott Summers and he is in a relationships with fellow mutant, Dr. Jean Grey.

Played By
James Marsden
Full Name

Cyclops Quotes

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: There are more powerful mutants out there. Why should this one be so important?
Cyclops: Maybe it's his way with people.
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: You don't like him?
Cyclops: How could you tell?
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Well, I am psychic, you know.

Wolverine: It's me!
Cyclops: Prove it!
Wolverine: You're a dick.
Cyclops: Okay.

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