Danny Ocean

Danny Ocean Pic

Danny Ocean is the leader of the Ocean pack alongside partner Rusty.

In the first Ocean's Eleven movie, Danny organizes a group to steal from the vaults of three of Terry Benedict's casinos.

In Ocean's Twelve, Danny leads the group to Europe to steal the famous Coronation Egg in order to pay off their debt to Benedict.

In Ocean's Thirteen, Danny is out to bankrupt Willy Bank and his new casino after Bank screwed over Danny's long time friend and investor, Reuben Tishoff.

Played By
George Clooney
Full Name
Danny Ocean

Danny Ocean Quotes

Rusty: I hope you were the Groom.
Danny: Ted Nugent called, he wants his shirt back.

Danny: Which one is the amazing Yen?
Rusty: He's the little Chinese guy.

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