Dick Pepperfield

Dick Pepperfield Picture

Dick Pepperfield is one of the announcers in Semi-Pro. He's the play-by-play announcer for the Flint Tropics, not exactly the most glamorous jobs in the world of sports.

Played By
Andrew Daly
Full Name
Dick Pepperfield

Dick Pepperfield Quotes

Dick Pepperfield: Lou, would you mind putting out that cigarette?
Lou Redwood: No. I like to smoke when I drink.

Dick Pepperfield: How did you learn to play basketball?
Jackie Moon: I saw it on TV a couple times, I thought I could do that.

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Semi-Pro Quotes

I am great at free throws. Seriously, free throws are, like, my best thing.

Jackie Moon

Who the fuck is Bambi?

Clarence 'Coffee' Black