Dina Byrnes

Roz and Dina

Dina Byrnes is Pam's extremely sweet, conservative mother.  She is married to one of the biggest hard asses, Jack, and bring balance to the family as the voice of reason.

Played By
Blythe Danner
Full Name
Dina Byrnes

Dina Byrnes Quotes

Dina Byrnes: Now Greg, you have a *very* unique last name and Jack and I were wondering how to pronounce it?
Greg Focker: Oh, just like its spelt. F-O-C-K-E-R.
Dina Byrnes: F-Focker.
Jack Byrnes: Hmm, Focker.

Jack Byrnes: Oh, geez. I just thought of something.
Dina Byrnes: What?
Jack Byrnes: Pam's middle name.
Dina Byrnes: Martha... Oh, no.
Jack Byrnes, Dina Byrnes: Pamela Martha Focker.

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