Rogue and Iceman

Iceman is a young mutant who can control the temperature of the moisture in the air around him (aka create Ice).  Iceman's real name is Bobby Drake and he's dating Rogue.

Played By
Shawn Ashmore
Full Name

Iceman Quotes

Wolverine: Who's this guy?
Rogue: This is Bobby, he's my...
Bobby: I'm her boyfriend.
[shakes Logan's hand and freezes it]
Bobby: Call me Iceman.
Wolverine: Boyfriend? So how do you guys...?
Bobby: Well, we're still working on that.

Wolverine: Got any beer?
Bobby: This is a school.
Wolverine: So that's a no?
Bobby: Yeah, that's a no.
Wolverine: Well, do you have anything other than chocolate milk?

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