John Mason

John Mason Picture

John Patrick Mason is a former Special Air Service and British Intelligence officer who is the only inmate of Alcatraz who ever escaped.  Now the Pentagon enlists Mason to help their team of Navy SEALs take back the rock.

Played By
Sean Connery
Full Name
John Mason

John Mason Quotes

Stanley Goodspeed: Mason, you all right?
John Mason: [hanging upside down] Yes. Perfectly okay, you fucking idiot.

Stanley Goodspeed: How'd you do it?
John Mason: Nurtured the hope that there was hope. That one day I'd breathe free air. Perhaps meet my daughter. Modest hopes, but they kept a man alive.

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The Rock Quotes

Kid On Bike: Hey man, you just fucked up your Ferrari!
Stanley Goodspeed: It's not mine. Neither's this.
[steals bike]

Honey? Uh... You wanna know who really killed JFK?

Stanley Goodspeed