Jules Picture

In Superbad, Jules is the object of Seth's affection. It's her party the boys go crazy finding alcohol for... even though Jules doesn't drink. She does get a black eye, however, after Seth accidentally head butts her.

Played By
Emma Stone
Full Name

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Superbad Quotes

Seth: Look at those nipples.
Evan: They're like little baby toes. It's just not fair that they get to flaunt that stuff, you know... and like, I have to hide every erection I get.

Evan: You could always subscribe to a site like Perfect Ten. I mean that could be anything, it could be a bowling site.
Seth: Yeah, but the problem is that they don't actually show the dick going in the pussy. Have you ever seen a pussy by itself?
Evan: No.
Seth: I dunno, it's not for me.