King Leonidas

King Leonidas Picture

King Leonidas is a character based upon the real-life king of Sparta (circa 520-480BC). He led a small army, commonly known as the 300 Spartans, against the overwhelming numbers of the Persian Empire, and their leader Xerxes, at the Battle of Thermopylae.

Played By
Gerard Butler
Full Name
King Leonidas

King Leonidas Quotes

King Leonidas: My heart is broken for your loss.
Captain: Heart? I have filled my heart with hate.
King Leonidas: Good.

[Dying words] My Queen! My Wife! My Love.


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Leonidas: You, what is your profession?
Arcadian Soldier: I'm a potter, sir.
Leonidas: And you, Arcadian, what is your profession?
Arcadian Soldier: I'm a sculptor.
Leonidas: And you?
Arcadian Soldier: I'm a blacksmith.
Leonidas: [Turning towards the Spartans] Spartans! What is your profession?
Spartans: Harooh! Harooh! Harooh!
Leonidas: See old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did.

Stelios: It is an honor to die at your side.
King Leonidas: It is an honor to have lived at yours.