One Two

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One Two is a character in RocknRolla. He's a member of the London criminal underground that wants to claim his slice of a real estate scam in the city.

Played By
Gerard Butler
Full Name
One Two

One Two Quotes

You dirty bastard.

One Two

One Two: Well what do you want?
Stella: You.
One Two: Well you had better come in then.

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RocknRolla Quotes

Keep the receipts, cos this ain't the Mafia

Lenny Cole

[Archie has Johnnie Quid by his lapels and backed up against the wall] Don't hurt me Arch... I'm only little!


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Guy Ritchie's own worst enemy, when it comes to viewer reaction to his latest movie, is Guy Ritchie. RocknRolla is simply the latest film...

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