Osborne Cox

Osborne Cox Picture

In Burn After Reading, Osborne Cox really wants his disc back. He's a CIA agent who wants his memoirs back from the morons that have somehow gotten their hands on them.

Played By
John Malkovich
Full Name
Osborne Cox

Osborne Cox Quotes

What the fuck...?

Osborne Cox

Osborne Cox: Give me the CD!
Chad Feldheimer: Give me the money!

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Burn After Reading Quotes

[after shooting Chad] What the fuck? I killed a spook.

Harry Pfarrer

[over the phone] Osbourne Cox? I thought you might be wooorrried...about the secuuurrrity...of your shit.

Chad Feldheimer

Burn After Reading Review

Burn After Reading won't win another Best Picture Oscar for The Coen Brothers. No Country for Old Men, it is not. But this is a fun ride,...

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