Penny Escher

Penny Escher Picture

Penny Escher was sent by Karen Eiffel's publisher to be Karen's new assistant.  Karen has had writer's block and has not written a book in years.  Penny has been sent in to check on the writer by the people who are paying her.

Played By
Queen Latifah
Full Name
Penny Escher

Penny Escher Quotes

Penny Escher: I will gladly and quietly help you kill Harold Crick.
Kay Eiffel: And this coming from someone who's never thought about leaping off a building.

Karen Eiffel: I went out... to buy cigarettes and I figured out how to kill Harold Crick.
Penny Escher: Buying cigarettes?
Karen Eiffel: As I was... when I came out of the store I... it came to me.
Penny Escher: How?
Karen Eiffel: Well, Penny, like anything worth writing, it came inexplicably and without method.

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Stranger Than Fiction Quotes

Dr. Jules Hilbert: Aren't you relieved to know that you're not a golem?
Harold Crick: Yes. I am relieved to know that I am not a golem.

You don't understand that this isn't a story to me, it's my life! I want to live!

Harold Crick