Professor Jules Hilbert

Professor Jules Hilbert Picture

Professor Jules Hilbert is Karen Eiffel's biggest fan.  He also happens to be the man that Harold Crick approaches for help when he starts hearing a narrator in his head.

Played By
Dustin Hoffman
Full Name
Professor Jules Hilbert

Professor Jules Hilbert Quotes

Dr. Jules Hilbert: What is your favorite word?
Harold Crick: Integer.

Little did he know. That means there's something he doesn't know, which means there's something you don't know, did you know that?

Dr. Jules Hilbert

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Stranger Than Fiction Quotes

Karen Eiffel: [narrating] Little did he know that this simple seemingly innocuous act would result in his imminent death.
Harold Crick: What? What? Hey! HELLOOO! What? Why? Why MY death? HELLO? Excuse me? WHEN?

You don't understand that this isn't a story to me, it's my life! I want to live!

Harold Crick