Sebastian Valmont

Scheming Siblings

Played By
Ryan Phillippe
Full Name
Sebastian Valmont

Sebastian Valmont Quotes

You spend all your time preaching about waiting for love. Well here it is. Right in front of you, and you're going to turn your back on it. So I guess we're just f*ucked. I'll move on. But you are going to have to live the rest of your life knowing that you've turned your back on love. And that makes you a hypocrite. Have a nice life.


Sebastian: I can't believe that there was a time in my life when all I could think about was... sex
Dr. Greenbaum: That's no way to go through life.

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Cruel Intentions Quotes

It's not like you have a husband - unless you're married to Jesus.


Kathryn: I wanna FUCK!
Sebastian: And I don't.