Shellie Picture

Shellie is the abused girlfriend of the no good Jackie Boy.  Shellie works at the same bar as Nancy as a waitress.  Luckily, Shellie meets Dwight who comes to her rescue.

Played By
Brittany Murphy
Full Name

Shellie Quotes

Shellie: I've done some dumb things.
Dwight: Seeing as how I'm one of those dumb things, I can't give you too hard a time on that, Shellie.

John Hartigan: I'm looking for Nancy Callahan.
Shellie: Eyes to the stage, pilgrim. She's just warming up.

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Sin City Quotes

Wendy: Kill em' for me Marv. Kill 'em good.
Marv: I won't let you down, Goldie.

Ronnie: Remember - we don't have to deliver every last inch of the man, Brian!
Brian: You're right, Ronnie - lend us your knife.