The Drover

The Drover Picture

The Drover is a rough-hewn stock-man that joins forces with an English aristocrat when cattle barons plot to take her land. He drives two thousands head of cattle across hundreds of miles of the country's land, only to still face the bombing of Darwin, Australia, by the Japanese forces that had attacked Pearl Harbor only months earlier.

Played By
Hugh Jackman
Full Name
The Drover

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Australia Quotes

Just because it is, doesn't mean it should be.

Lady Sarah Ashley

Drover: We're not really used to...
Lady Sarah Ashley: A woman? I suppose you think I should be back in Darwin, at the church fete or a lady's whatever you call it. Well I will have you know, I am as capable as any man.
Drover: Guests. We're not used to guests is what I was about to say but now that you mention it I happen to quite like the women of the outback.