Troy Bolton

Troy Bolton Picture

Troy Bolton is a rare combination: he's a basketball player and a theater star.

This talented High School Musical character is dating Gabriella, though Sharpay Evans has always had a crush on him. At East High in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Troy wears number-14, his dad is his basketball coach and is the ultimate cutie.

Played By
Zac Efron
Full Name
Troy Bolton

Troy Bolton Quotes

Gabrilla Montez: In my other schools, I was the freaky Math girl. It's cool coming here and being... whoever I wanna be. So, you wanna do the callbacks?
Troy Bolton: Hey, just call me freaky callback boy!

Gabrilla Montez: [about singing previously] Well, you sound like you've done a lot of singing, too.
Troy Bolton: Yeah, my showerhead is very impressed.

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