Wesley Gibson

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In Wanted, Wesley Gibson finds out that his father was a trained assassin. He's recruited into The Fraternity by Sloan and trained by Fox to be a killer. Eventually, Wesley sees the pros and cons of working in this kind of sect, realizing that only he can control his future.

Played By
James McAvoy
Full Name
Wesley Gibson

Wesley Gibson Quotes

[Final Line] What the fuck have you done lately?


Fox: I knew your father.
Wesley: My father died the week I was born.
Fox: Your father died yesterday in the rooftop of the Metropolitan Building. He was one of the greatest assassins who ever lived. And the other one is behind you

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Wanted Quotes

You're just a thug that can bend bullets.


Welcome... to the Fraternity. This gun you're holding belonged to your father, he could conduct a symphony orchestra with it.