Alicia Nash Picture
Alicia Nash (Jennifer Connelly) helps husband John Nash (Russell Crowe) get his life together in "A Beautiful Mind," the award-winning 2002 drama about the troubled mathematics professor who went on to win a Nobel Prize.

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A Beautiful Mind
John Nash, Alicia Nash
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A Beautiful Mind Quotes

Nash: In competitive behavior someone always loses.
Charles: Well, my niece knows that, John, and she's about this high.
Nash: See if I derive an equilibrium where prevalence is a non-singular event where nobody loses, can you imagine the effect that would have on conflict scenarios, arm negotiations...
Charles: When did you last eat?
Nash: ...currency exchange?
Charles: When did you last eat? You know, food.
Nash: You have no respect for cognitive reverie, you know that?

Hansen: You scared?
Nash: Terrified. Mortified. Petrified. Stupefied... by you.