Almost Famous Philip Seymour Hoffman
Philip Seymour Hoffman in Almost Famous. Hoffman has passed away at the age of 46.


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Almost Famous
Philip Seymour Hoffman
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Almost Famous Quotes

William Miller: [on meeting Stillwater] Russell. Jeff. Ed. Larry. I really love your band. I think the song "Fever Dog" is a big step forward for you guys. I think you guys producing it yourselves, instead of Glyn Johns, was the right thing to do. And the guitar sound... is incendiary. Incendiary. Way to go.
Russell Hammond: Well, don't stop there!
Jeff Bebe: Yeah, come back here! I'm incendiary, too, man!

You, Aaron, are what it's all about. You're real. Your room is real. Your friends are real. Real, man, real. You know? Real. You're more important than all the silly machinery. Silly machinery. And you know it! In 11 years its going to be 1984, man. Think about that!

Russell Hammond