Amphibian Jazz
Tiana and Naveen sing along with a trumpet-playing gator in the bayou of New Orleans in The Princess and the Frog.

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The Princess and the Frog
Tiana, Prince Naveen
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The Princess and the Frog Quotes

How did you get way up there? And how did I get way down here with all this...
[she sees herself as a frog in the mirror and screams]

Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana: I don't seem to recall anything in the fairytale about... kissing on the lips.
Ray: Oh ho. It looks like this could take quite some time.
[flies towards the movie's logo]
Ray: Ooh. That's a catchy title right dar.
Princess Tiana: I mean I didn't even know frogs had lips. How 'bout a nice firm handshake.