Frank Martin... Shirtless!

Frank Martin... Shirtless!

Frank Martin is back in Transporter 3. And he's left his shirt at home!
Transporter 3 Scene

Transporter 3 Scene

Here's another shot of Frank Martin in action in Transporter 3. You really don't wanna mess with this guy.
Frank Martin Picture

Frank Martin Picture

A movie still from the Transporter of Frank Martin, an ex-special forces operative who now works as a mercenary who transports anything.

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Frank Martin

Frank Martin Picture

Frank Martin is an ex-special forces operative who became a mercenary for hire that specializes in transporting objects.

In the first Transporter movie, Frank discovers he's transporting a beautiful girl named Lai.

In the second Transporter, Frank is working for a family as their personal driver and is forced to save their son when he gets kidnapped.

Played By
Jason Statham
Full Name
Frank Martin

Frank Martin Quotes

Frank Martin: What's the first rule when entering a man's car?
Jack Billings: [takes his feet off the seat] Respect a man's car, a man respects you.
Frank Martin: Rule number two?
Jack Billings: Greet the man. Good afternoon, Frank.
Frank Martin: Good afternoon, Jack.
Jack Billings: Can we play the game now?
Frank Martin: I would think your brain would be too tired after a whole day of school.
Jack Billings: You're just afraid I'm gonna win.
Frank Martin: I'm afraid you're gonna be too worn out to do your homework.
Jack Billings: It's Friday, I don't *have* any homework.
Frank Martin: In that case: the game.
Jack Billings: Yes!
Frank Martin: But first, what's the third rule of the car?
[Jack buckles his seatbelt]
Frank Martin: Good.

Car Jacking Girl: Stop... stop moving or I will shoot you.
Frank Martin: Don't you have homework to do?
[walks into her gun]
Frank Martin: Why don't you go and do it.
Car Jacking Girl: OK! I'm sorry!
[runs away]