Jim Braddock

Jim Braddock

James "Jim" Braddock (Russell Crowe) is a washed-up fighter who somehow rises back to the top of the world circuit in the 1930s. He's the Cinderella Man, a source of hope for those in the Great Depression.
Joe Gould Picture

Joe Gould Picture

Joe Gould tells Jim Braddock "pop, pop, bang!" Among other things. The guy was a heck of a trainer in James' rise to the top.

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James Braddock Quotes

Jim Braddock: Max, my wife Mae.
Max Baer: You are far too pretty to be a widow.
Jim Braddock: That's not nice, Max. Not nice. Come on.
Max Baer: On second thought, maybe I can comfort you after he's gone.
Joe Gould: Hey, I said shut your goddamn mouth, you punk!

Jim Braddock: For two hundred and fifty dollars I would fight your wife!
Joe Gould: Now you're dreaming
Jim Braddock: ...and your grandmother, at the same time.
Joe Gould: Teeth in or teeth out?
Jim Braddock: Take 'em out!
Joe Gould: Then you're dead, you're down, you're gone, no chance!
Jim Braddock: Two hundred and fifty bucks?
Joe Gould: Two hundred and fifty bananas!
Jim Braddock: Joey!