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James Matthew Barrie is the main character in Finding Neverland. He's also a real-life writer that is responsible for Peter Pan.


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Finding Neverland
Sir James Matthew Barrie
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Finding Neverland Quotes

Mary Ansell Barrie: I'm tired of waiting, James. I'm tired of looking like a fool.
J.M. Barrie: Well I can't very well give up the play.
Mary Ansell Barrie: No. Just... come home to me at the end of the day. No more trips to the country, no more long evenings in the park. If you can't give us that much of a chance... Then we must end this... and I will.

Peter Llewelyn Davies: That scepter's made of wood.
J.M. Barrie: Yes, well, we do dream on a budget here, don't we?