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James Woods in a promotional picture from CBS's Shark. Woods stars as the main character, Sebastian Stark.

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James Woods
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James Woods

James Woods Picture

James Woods was born in Vernal, Utah but grew up in Warwick, Rhode Island where he attended Pilgrim High School.  Wood, having scored a 1580 on his SAT, went to MIT for undergrad to study Political Science.  However, Woods dropped out of MIT in 1969, just short of graduating, to persue his acting career.

Woods had his first film role in All the Way Home in 1971, but his breakthrough role was in the 1979 The Onion Field.  His next big performance would be in in the 1984 epic Once Upon a Time in America and then his Academy Award-nomiansted role in Oliver Stone's Salvador in 1986.

Other notable roles of Woods include Casino, Nixon, Ghosts of Mississipi, his voice of Hades in Disney's Hercules, Riding in Cars with Boys, and Any Given Sunday.

Woods currently stars in the CBS drama, Shark as the main character, Sebastian Stark.

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