Jim Braddock
James "Jim" Braddock (Russell Crowe) is a washed-up fighter who somehow rises back to the top of the world circuit in the 1930s. He's the Cinderella Man, a source of hope for those in the Great Depression.


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Cinderella Man
James Braddock
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Cinderella Man Quotes

Maybe I understand, some, about having to fight. So you just remember who you are... you're the Bulldog of Bergen, and the Pride of New Jersey, you're everybody's hope, and the kids' hero, and you are the champion of my heart, James J. Braddock.

Mae Braddock

Jim Braddock: For two hundred and fifty dollars I would fight your wife!
Joe Gould: Now you're dreaming
Jim Braddock: ...and your grandmother, at the same time.
Joe Gould: Teeth in or teeth out?
Jim Braddock: Take 'em out!
Joe Gould: Then you're dead, you're down, you're gone, no chance!
Jim Braddock: Two hundred and fifty bucks?
Joe Gould: Two hundred and fifty bananas!
Jim Braddock: Joey!