Kitty and Walter Fane
Kitty Fane looks to be coming to a realization in this photo


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The Painted Veil
Kitty Fane, Walter Fane
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The Painted Veil Quotes

Kitty Fane: [about Wan Xi] I had no idea you had so much affection for her.
Waddington: What makes you think I do?
Kitty Fane: I can see it in your eyes. I wonder what she sees in you.
Waddington: [In Chinese] What do you see in me?
Wan Xi: [to Waddington] You're a good man.
Waddington: She says I'm a good man.
Kitty Fane: As if a women has ever loved a man for his virtue.

[Talking to her mother about marrying Walter] Please, Mother. The idea that any women should mary any Tom, Dick or Harry regardless of her own feelings is simply prehistoric.

Kitty Fane