Lou Gives Exciting News
Lou (Rob Corddry) gives Adam (John Cusack), Jacob (Clark Duke), and Nick (Craig Robinson) some exciting news in Hot Tub Time Machine.


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Hot Tub Time Machine
Rob Corddry, John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke
Adam, Nick, Jacob, Lou
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Hot Tub Time Machine Quotes

"That's probably Ashton Kolchak right now, tellin' us we've been 'punk'd' or whatever."

Adam [after a knock on the door]

Jacob: "Holy shit-- you're wasted!"
Adam: "I've had, like, two wine kills, Captain Buzzcooler."

Hot Tub Time Machine Review

When you go see a movie like Hot Tub Time Machine, you have to be willing to put certain laws of reality aside and suspend your...

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