Louis and Melanie
Melanie Ralston lives with Ordell Robbie. Louis Gara is staying at Ordell's place. You can figure out what happens.


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Photo Credit:
Jackie Brown
Melanie Ralston, Louis Gara
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Jackie Brown Quotes

Ordell Robbie: Damn girl, you gettin' high already? It's only 2 o'clock in the afternoon. I get my shit done for the day, then I get high. And besides, getting high and watching TV will rob you of your ambition!
Melanie: Not if your ambition is to get high and watch TV...

Ordell Robbie: I got this young nineteen year old country girl named Sheronda. I found her on a bus stop two days outta Georgia, barefoot, country as a chicken coop. I took her to my place in Compton, told her it was Hollywood.
Louis: She believed you?
Ordell Robbie: Hell yeah! To her dumb country ass, Compton is Hollywood; closest she's ever been anyway.