Check out these Beverly Hills Cop photos and it's easy to see Eddie Murphy was born to be Alex Foley.

Beverly Hills Cop Poster

Beverly Hills Cop Poster

The Beverly Hills Cop poster. Eddie Murphy stars in this 1980s smash hit.
Alex Foley became a character icon in Hollywood history with Beverly Hills Cop. Eddie Murphy became a superstar with the role.

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Beverly Hills Cop Quotes

Jenny Summers: [about Axel] What are you gonna do to him?
Victor Maitland: I think you should be more worried about what we're going to do with you.
Axel Foley: Yeah, Jenny, don't worry about me. We got cocaine and coffee here. We're gonna get wired and have a big party.

Axel Foley: If something happens to her...
Victor Maitland: Hmmm...? I'm all ears.
Axel Foley: I'll kill you.
Victor Maitland: Really? That would be a neat trick.