Beverly Hills Cop Poster

Beverly Hills Cop Poster

The Beverly Hills Cop poster. Eddie Murphy stars in this 1980s smash hit.
Rating: Unrated
Alex Foley became a character icon in Hollywood history with Beverly Hills Cop. Eddie Murphy became a superstar with the role.

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Beverly Hills Cop Quotes

Jenny Summers: [about Axel] What are you gonna do to him?
Victor Maitland: I think you should be more worried about what we're going to do with you.
Axel Foley: Yeah, Jenny, don't worry about me. We got cocaine and coffee here. We're gonna get wired and have a big party.

Axel Foley: If something happens to her...
Victor Maitland: Hmmm...? I'm all ears.
Axel Foley: I'll kill you.
Victor Maitland: Really? That would be a neat trick.