Cadillac Records Picture

Cadillac Records Picture

Beyonce lines up a shot in this scene from Cadillac Records. The actress/singer portrays Etta James in the movie.
Etta James

Etta James

Iconic singer Etta James is featured in the movie Cadillac Records. She's played by Beyonce Knowles.
Cadillac Records Movie Poster

Cadillac Records Movie Poster

Cadillac Records focuses on the music industry and stars someone that can relate to it well: Beyonce Knowles.

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Cadillac Records Quotes

That's a record!

Leonard Chess

Keith Richards: [From trailer] Mr. Waters. We're big fans. We named our band after one of your songs.
Muddy Waters: Yeah?
Keith Richards: Rolling Stone.

Cadillac Records Review

Beyonce Knowles is a perfectly fine actress. In Cadillac Records, she portrays Etta James during a time of severe addiction and...

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