Just seeing these Chocolat photos and you'll be ready for some delicious goodness from Johnny Depp.

Chocolat Poster

Chocolat Poster

The poster for Chocolat. Johnny Depp stars in the romance.
Johnny Depp stars in Chocolat as a man who finds love with Juliette Binoche's chocolatier.

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Chocolat Quotes

Vianne Rocher: What do you see?
Armande Voizin: Not a damned thing.
Vianne Rocher: Come on, it's a game. What do you see?
Armande Voizin: I see a cranky old woman too tired to play games.
Vianne Rocher: Oh. I've got just the thing for you.

Serge: We are still married, in the eyes of God.
Josephine: Then He must be blind.