Armstrong and Collins

Armstrong and Collins

Jimmi Simpson and Common are two thugs in hot pursuit of the Fosters in Date Night.
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Don't Crash My Cab!

Don't Crash My Cab!

Steve Carell takes J.B. Smoove for a wild ride in Date Night.
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Mark Wahlberg Goes Topless

Mark Wahlberg Goes Topless

Holbrooke (Mark Walhlberg) takes his shirt off, much to the dismay of Phil Foster (Steve Carell)in Date Night.
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Date Night Quotes

Claire Foster: Honey, If I'm gonna get whacked off, I...
[Phil snickers]
Claire Foster: What are you smiling about?
Phil Foster: No, no, we might get bumped off. We're not going to get whacked off.
Claire Foster: I think we are!

I'd do it again you know? Us, you, me the kids, all of it. I'd do it again. I'd choose you every time.

Phil Foster

Date Night Review

We've all busted our guts watching them on The Office and 30 Rock, and now Steve Carl and Tina Fey have finally been paired up in the...

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