Check out these Friday the 13th photos and it's easy to see why the film still scares us!

Friday the 13th Movie Still

Friday the 13th Movie Still

A movie still from Friday the 13th. That's Jason and he's coming to get you.
Friday the 13th poster

Friday the 13th poster

The poster for the original Friday the 13th film. The film came out in 1980 and launched a popular horror franchise.
Friday the 13th is a true horror classic that tells the tale of a psycho named Jason who kills everyone at a summer camp.

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Friday the 13th (1980) Quotes

Alice: Who are you?
Pamela Voorhees: Why I'm... I'm Mrs. Voorhees, an old friend of the Christys'.

Alice: The boy. Is he dead, too?
Tierney: Who?
Alice: The boy. Jason.
Tierney: Jason?
Alice: In the lake, the one - the one who attacked me - the one who pulled me underneath the water.
Tierney: Ma'am, we didn't find any boy.
Alice: But - then he's still out there.