I Heart Huckabees Movie Poster

I Heart Huckabees Movie Poster

The movie poster from the quirk I Heart Huckabees starring Jason Schwartzman.
Rating: Unrated
Mark Wahlberg in I Heart Huckabees

Mark Wahlberg in I Heart Huckabees

Mark Wahlberg steals the movie I Heart Huckabees. Wahlberg showed comic range and dramatic chops in I Heart Huckabees and is one of his best films.
Rating: Unrated

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I Heart Huckabees Quotes

Tommy Corn: Ah, here he comes!
Albert Markovski: Oh, boy.
Tommy Corn: The man-poet who banged France's dark lady of philosophy. The parking lot crusader of truth... who turned his back on his other like a cold-blooded gangsta.

Dawn Campbell: Why don't you like my spots?
Marty: Honey, this look is hurting you, and it's hurting Huckabees.
Dawn Campbell: This is myself.
Marty: Then you won't speak at the benefit as yourself. That is not Huckabees.
Dawn Campbell: I am still Huckabees.
Marty: Not in that bonnet.
Dawn Campbell: It's in my eyes, Marty. It's like that story of the cave.
Marty: What in God's name is happening to you? We trusted you. We took care of you. We made you into a national icon. Pulled you out of a mall. Eh, you've been given everything by Huckabees.
Dawn Campbell: Fuck-a-bees!