Check out these National Lampoon's Vacation photos and feel like you're going on the trip with Chevy Chase's Clark Griswold!

Vacation Poster

Vacation Poster

The poster for the first Vacation movie. The film starred Beverly D'Angelo and Chevy Chase.
National Lampoon's Vacation is a classic comedy that follows the Griswold as they go on an ill-fated vacation.

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National Lampoon's Vacation Quotes

Ellen Griswold: Clark, what are you doing?
Clark: We watch his program... We buy his toys, we go to his movies... he owes us. Doesn't he owe us, huh? He owes the Griswolds, right? Fucking-A right he owes us!

Ellen Griswold: Stay in the car! It's hot and dangerous out here.
Aunt Edna: Don't you tell me what to do, I'll do what I want! I should never have come on this trip with you, I should have taken an airplane... and he...
Aunt Edna: He shouldn't even have a license to drive an automobile! He should be BEHIND BARS!
Ellen Griswold: SIT down and SHUT UP! Move outta that seat and I'll split your lip!